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Our Menu

Kerala Sadya

The Malayali’s culinary

We serve the best Sadya which will tickle your taste buds and will make you crave for more. Sadya served in banana leaf is the favourite food of Malayalis. From the heartland of Kerala, this specially curated menu includes banana chips (Upperi) and fritters coated with jaggery as a starter with various chutneys and gravies. Unleash the taste of Kerala at A-la-Carte.

South Indian Food

Blend of flavours

Love the smell of crisp vadas, the spluttering sound of mustard seeds, the taste of hot piping sambar made with fresh tamarind and the aroma of feather light soft idlis and many more delicious varieties of food items which awaken the senses are a part of South Indian Food.

South Indian Foods are a blend of flavorful with tastes ranging from spicy to sour to sweet.


Hotty and Tasty

Kochi being the true melting pot of cultures, street food joints can be found in every junction and they are called thattukada. We promise you to provide thattukada taste foods with clean and hygiene. If you want to try the street food on a budget, then we are here to help you. The food served here is piping hot and more than satisfying.

Kuttanadan Food

Treat your taste buds

Come and savour the true flavours of Kuttanad! A bite of that homely food prepared in authentic Kuttanadan style with spice and love added to it. You will get the 'Nalla nadan flavours' in A-la-Carte.

Tandoor Dishes

Art with heart

Tandoori cooking originated in ancient Harappa and Moenjodaro; it is also widely believed that tandoors, dating back almost 2500 years, were unearthed in Rajasthan, India. We welcome you to taste the best tandoori dishes here in A-la-Carte.

Sweets & Deserts

Dinner is to a day what dessert is to dinner!

A good food without sweets & desserts is always unsatisfactory! We bring you N number of tasty varieties of sweets and desserts for the sweet tooth person in the function.